Chiptuning improves engine power by modifying ECU program to use reserves leftover by car manufacturer. Gives you Joy from ride and improves your safety. Let yourself discover your car once again - faster, more efficient, more economical.


If you bought a new car and are concerned about the warranty, this box is a reasonable alternative for chip tuning. Our modern, digital modules are external devices pinned to the car using the factory plugs, trivial to install and remove. Works like chip.


In order to meet the market's demand Euro Car Upgrades Pty Ltd has expanded its business by adding electronic and mechanical car tuning to its offer. Our experience in mechanics and electronics allows us to offer full service and car tuning of the VAG group cars and others. Furthermore, we have become a partner of V-tech enterprise, our software provider. Why do we trust them?

Audi A1 witch V-tech stage 3 chip tuning

V-tech has become an international company and is well-known throughout Europe, thanks to its efficient solutions. Its branches are located in three countries - Poland, Germany and Sweden. The company's partners may be found in further seven European countries (Norway, France, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain and Canada). The image of the entire distribution network is complemented by dealers in more than 100 centres across Europe, offering the V-tech products and professional service to retail customers.

V-tech Tuning has been founded in 1997 in Cracow, but has existed for much longer as a group of friends with common interests.
From the beginning, the company has been specialising in electronic tuning and creation of new solutions which can be applied in the automotive industry and motorsports. The core of the company is formed by people descending from the Cracow University of Technology (Institute of Automobiles and Internal Combustion Engines) and the University of Science and Technology (Department of Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics).

We continuously turn our new ideas into fully functional products in our laboratory in Cracow, which is equipped with two chasis dynamometers. We cooperate with companies and research centres in country and abroad. The aim of our common research is developing car tuning tools and development of technologies reducing fuel consumption in diesel engines. Our agencies also are equipped with dynamometers and have all the equipment necessary to conduct research and development activities at their disposal. The cooperation of several international teams within the company enables to produce safe and efficient tuning systems.

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